About Us

Active as a trading company since February 2017, Hade collaborates with Indonesian local estates, mills and refineries to optimize the value of domestic commodities in order to export orientation, particularly Oil Palm products, including its derivatives and also by products.

Sustainability, management and rational resources are used to represent the target value that Hade follows when developing projects.

Our aim is to enlarge its portfolio activity to foreign and local markets and to improve the services offered.

The Vision
Make Indonesia to be energy self-sufficiency, by maximizing the utilization of Oil Palm products, its by-products and wastes.

The Mission
  1.  Empowering local products to be more valuable, thus improving the prosperity of local people
  2.  Educating Indonesian Oil Palm Industry to be better sustained, and people about Oil Palm benefits globally
  3.  Perform and planning a keen research and branding management regarding the Palm Oil
  4.  Manage, develop and execute each projects and networks for the sake of Oil Palm future

HADE People
Hade group is composed of people with strong entrepreneurial skills contributing actively to the results of the company not only as managers but also as partners with direct responsibilities in the companies of the group. Entrepreneurial attitudes together with the enthusiasm and the passion of young generation give us ambitious performances serving stakeholders.

Alignment of Interests
between shareholders and management – the top managers are at the same time members of the company.

Fairness and Transparency
to all internal and external stakeholders