Sale services:

30.000 MT monthly of CPO selling capabilities,
from local trading and also from managing partnership estates

10.000 MT monthly of various Oleochemicals selling capabilities, from supporting local refinery.
Products such Palmitic Acid (85,95,99); Oleic Acid (7519,7513); Stearic Acid 101; Soap bar & powder; Refined Glycerin 99.5% USP Grade; Hydrogenated Palm Stearin; and also customized products

Trading 20.000 MT of  Cooking Oil Quality CP8 and CP10 Oil Palm based

Trading up to 25.000 MT monthly of Palm Kernel Shell, which screened with maximum impurities of 1%

Collecting Used Cooking Oil and Palm Oil Mill Effluent within our supplier storages, which roughly 2.000 MT monthly capacity

In collaboration with Italian and Tunisian companies for overseas Olive Oil trading

Collaborating with Indonesian Coconut Oil producer (1.000 MT monthly selling capabilities)
and also the Virgin Coconut Oil inventor Prof. AH Bambang Setiaji