Oleic Acid 75% 7513 and 7519
Stearic Acid Rubber Grade 101
Palmitic Acid 85% and 99%

Oleic Acid 7519 and 7513
Commonly use for metal working treatment fluids application, paint manufacture, cosmetic industry, pulp and paper industry, welding and soldering agents, solvents etc.

High Purity Stearic Acid 95%
It is common use in metal working, chemical derivatives for esther, cosmetic and personal care industry as a surfactant and emulsifier etc.

Other than our main products mentioned above, we are also producing Soap Bar (multipurpose and bath soap), Soap Powder, Palmitic Acid, Hydrogenated Palm Stearin, Stearic Acid 101 and Refined Glycerin 99.5% USP grade. Regarding certification our facility certified in ISO 9001, Halal, and Kosher (extension certificate is on process).

*We will be able to assist on the sourcing of the products, especially which in relation with palm oil

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